“All right, so let’s have a look at that shoulder.”
“Uh, I dinna need your help. I just thought I should see you back to surgery while you could still walk upright.”
“Oh. Thank you. I suppose I did overindulge slightly. I should have known, though. If it was really uncomfortable, I imagine you would have just ripped off the bandages yourself.”
“I was afraid to. Thought I’d get my arse skelped if I touched it.”
“Too right.”

Those filles can be dangerous

Would you risk helping me again?


5-6-7/50 favorite pictures of Ian Harding

"Does it hurt now?"

jesuisclaire asked:
I fall in love with your tumblr and your gif sets on Outlander are really beautiful!! xx

Thank you sooooo much <3 

(I’m already thinking about what scenes I want to gif from episode 2 ^^)

Thank ye, Sassenach. Truly.


tea and happiness